A DUI lawyer is a legal representative specializing in the representation of people and businesses charged with DUI criminal activity. An experienced DUI lawyer can analyze the case, review documents in hand, decide on a strategy of attack, and prepare for court. The lawyer’s role is to defend the client against arrest, fines, and other consequences of DUI. Charges of driving under the influence (DUI) are considered serious offenses carrying penalties such as jail time, drug rehabilitation, community service, license suspension or revoked, and vehicle repossession.

It is easy to become arrested for a DUI. Most states consider any driver operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol a drunk driver. Unfortunately, not all drunken drivers are charged with DUI. Some drivers who were not drunk were stopped for another offense such as swerving. DUI attorneys who are experienced in DUI charges will find out if the arresting officer properly informed the suspect that he or she was under the influence of alcohol.

If DUI is suspected, an attorney should be consulted immediately. Many DUI charges come down to a breathalyzer or chemical testing. A test administered at the scene by a police officer not qualified to measure blood alcohol content will likely be inaccurate. An experienced DUI lawyer can get the charges dismissed or reduced so that the individual’s record is cleared. If the blood alcohol content test is conducted by the arresting officer without proper training, the results will be inaccurate and admissible in court.

A knowledgeable DUI lawyer can help the suspect avoid jail time or the loss of driving privileges. DUI laws vary from state to state, and violations can carry fines and jail time. A DUI attorney can negotiate a plea bargain to lessen the jail time or reduce the amount of money collected from a fine. In some cases, the lawyer can negotiate to eliminate the charges altogether.

A DUI lawyer should be able to answer questions about the process. How will the legal process work? What are the steps involved in preparing and fighting a DUI charge? A knowledgeable attorney can answer questions regarding how the process works. DUI attorneys can definitely recommend local defense attorneys and recommend to others to definitely hire a DUI lawyer if they have been arrested for a DUI offense.

Not every person charged with a DUI is guilty. Many people who are caught drinking and driving do not realize that they are violating the law. It is important to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to fight our cases. The most important factor in determining a person’s guilt or innocence is the breathalyzer test or other tests administered at the scene. A good DUI lawyer can get the most out of a defense for his client and can fight for the best possible result for his client.

A DUI lawyer has many resources at his disposal to obtain the best possible result for his clients. DUI lawyers have access to various programs and research opportunities to gain more knowledge on the best courses of action. DUI lawyers are knowledgeable about the latest DUI laws pertaining to the state where the DUI was charged. These DUI laws vary from state to state, so it is crucial to find an experienced criminal defense attorney to handle our cases. An experienced DUI lawyer will know the importance of seeking advice from other DUI attorneys in his area.

Drinking and driving are some of the most popular past times, especially on the highways and in busy cities. With increased drunk driving accidents on the road, it is important to hire a DUI lawyer to represent you when you are arrested. A knowledgeable and combative DUI attorney will know what questions to ask during a DUI arrest and will aggressively defend your constitutional rights against the charge brought against you.