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What you need:

8 oz /225 g self-raising flour
½ tsp salt
1 tsp  mustard powder
½ tsp cayenne pepper
2 oz /50 g softened, salted butter
2 oz /50 g cheddar, grated
1 oz /25 g parmesan cheese ( grated )
150ml whole milk, plus a little to glaze

What to do:

Preheat the oven to 230C /450F / gas mark 8

In a bowl sift the flour, salt, mustard and cayenne pepper .

Cut the butter into pieces and rub it into the flour mixture with your fingertips until you have a mixture that resembles breadcrumbs.

Grate the cheeses and stir them into the flour mixture. Pour all the milk into the bowl with the flour and cheese, and using a fork  bring everything together to make a dough.

Roll the dough out on a floured surface until it is 1cm thick, and cut into rounds with a fluted 6.5cm cutter.

Arrange on a greased baking tray and brush the top of each scone with milk.

Bake for 8-10 minutes, until the scones have risen and are golden.

When cooled cut in half & spread with butter or margarine.

For a change try spreading with soft cheese.

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What you need:

225 g  macaroni
6 tbsp butter ( 3 of which are for the topping)
3 tbsp plain flour
1 tbsp powdered mustard
1/2 teaspoon paprika
3 cups milk
1 onion diced
1 egg
350 g mature cheddar grated
110g dry breadcrumbs

What you do:

Preheat the oven to 180C / 350F / gas mark 4
In a large saucepan, bring to the boil the macaroni, then simmer for 10 mins.
Meanwhile in a different saucepan, melt the butter, then slowly whisk in the flour & mustard powder until smooth.
Stir in the milk, onion and paprika and Simmer for ten minutes.
Break the egg into a large bowl, then stir in the cheese.
Drain the macaroni, and pour into a 2lt oven proof dish. Pour the egg & cheese mixture over the top, then sprinkle the remaining cheese over the top.
In a small saucepan, melt the remaining butter then pour in the breadcrumbs. Mix together to make sure all the crumbs are coated.
Top the macaroni with the bread crumbs.
Bake for 30 minutes.

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